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19 March 2009 : EveXplorer 1.3.1 released - "Skill Queue API changed will I released 1.3" release
18 March 2009 : EveXplorer 1.3 released - Apocrypha release
06 March 2009 : EveXplorer 1.2 released
21 Jan. 2009 : EveXplorer 1.1.1 - bug fix release

EveXplorer allow you to explore and browse various things about the Eve Online MMORPG and the New Eden out of game.

EveXplorer currently display informations about (and allow searching in) :
  • Your characters : skills, kills, market transactions, wallet journal, implants, certificates, corporation, market orders, ships fitting and cargo, container content, skill queue, ...
  • Player alliances : all player alliances and corporations.
  • NPC Corporations : all NPC corporations and all agents.
  • Skill tree : all skills with a tree-based representation of their dependencies.
  • Certificate tree : all certificates with a tree-based representation of their dependencies.
  • Market items : all in-game items in the market, displayed in the market order.
  • Items : all in-game items.
  • Universe : regions, constellations, solar systems, stations.
See the Download and Install page for more information about the supported operating systems and installation instructions.

EveXplorer to-do list :
  • Off-line mode
  • Characters : standings, industry jobs, FW.
  • Corporation : all informations avaible as CEO.
  • Universe : more descriptions for stations, station services.
=V=Xplorer, Copyright © 2008-2009. This software is distributed under the GPL licence, see the license.txt file in the source archive.
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